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Systems for Energy Saving
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Who we are

The EnergoConsulenze by Daniele Bortolotto, comes after years of experience as a technical adviser and commercial attache to the seller and inspections in the field of "Green Economy". Specializing in solar thermal systems for hot water production is health for the operation of the space heating. He works with companies that specialize in solar photovoltaic systems, both fixed and portable. Over time, the preparation has been paid to biomass boilers, the ideal solutions to be combined with solar thermal systems.A wide range of energy produced from renewable sources.By partnering with companies that catered to African market, has expanded the scope to systems submersible pumps powered by photovoltaic systems for the extraction of water from underground systems for spraying, the best systems to cool environments and also places outdoors without the use of air conditioners. It operates as a scouting-tech new technologies to propose.

Our mission

The mission is not only to bring some sectors of Made in Italy certificate outside the European borders, presenting high quality products not classified in the best-known brand, but also bringing technology products such as the most modern systems to create renewable energy, desalination and deal with the water purification systems brackish and salt water. We propose a new system that, in harmony with nature, produces energy from the conversion of municipal waste not recyclable. Important sector of the commodity, where our experience addresses to mediate and facilitate meetings between Seller and Buyer, and finalize the flow of the products required.

Technological products we offer can be powered by renewable energy.







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